Cases of incest on the rise in Lamu

Wednesday March 11 2020

A sexual abuse victim. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The Lamu County Security Department and leaders in the devolved unit have raised the alarm over increased cases of incest in the region.

Reports of fathers engaging in sexual relations with their children (defilement) are rampant, especially in Hindi Division in Lamu West.

Addressing the public in Lamu, County Commissioner Irungu Macharia said his office and that of Lamu County Police Commander Moses Murithi are keenly following up on the matter and warned of dire consequences for those engaging in the crime.

Mr Macharia expressed disappointment that fathers in the area were increasingly preying on their daughters with some even impregnating them.

He appealed to members of the public to ensure such cases are reported to police so that the culprits are arrested and charged.

The County Commissioner said any man who approaches underage girls with the intention to have sexual relations with them belongs in jail.


He said girls should be encouraged to embrace education instead of people bent on destroying their future.

“We will not tolerate men who go round defiling small girls. It’s unfortunate that even fathers also prey on their own daughters. I want to warn you that my office is keenly investigating the matter. We will ensure those involved are punished,” said Mr Macharia.

Lamu Woman Representative Ruweida Obbo also expressed disappointment, saying fathers who are supposed to be their children's number one protectors are turning out to be their abusers.

She also recommended chemical castration for all those convicted of child sexual abuse, saying jail time was too lenient for them.

“It’s high time that the defilers are castrated so that they never get to commit such crimes again as they will now be dysfunctional,” said Ms Obbo.

Hindi MCA Anab Haji called for urgent interventions from religious leaders in order to end incest in Hindi.

“I am not happy at all. Every time you hear someone has defiled this or that girl. It’s even worse to hear a child has been defiled by its own biological father. That’s incest and we need prayers to be conducted in Hindi to end the vice,” she said.

Police reports indicate that Hindi and Mpeketoni are leading in the number of child defilement cases and rape.

Others are Witu, Basuba in Lamu East and Lamu Island.