Leave city comfort and come to us, Mandera MCAs tell MPs

Thursday December 13 2018

Jamhuri Day celebrations in Mandera town

Mandera Senator Mohamud Maalim (left) and Governor Ali Roba on December 12, 2018 during Jamhuri Day celebrations in Mandera town. MCAs who spoke at the event castigated MPs from the area, accusing them of abandoning locals and remaining in Nairobi. PHOTO | MANASE OTSIALO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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After almost all MPs from Mandera failed to attend Jamhuri Day celebrations Wednesday, members of the local county assembly have accused the leaders of abandoning the electorate and remaining in Nairobi.

The accusations started when Lagsure MCA Robow Mohamed claimed that none of the Mandera leaders at the national level is interested in their home affairs.

“I am saddened by how our MPs who went to represent us at the national level have chosen to go silent and forget about our affairs back at home,” he said.

According to the MCA, it was evident that none of the six elected MPs and woman rep is concerned about the happenings in Mandera.


None of the six attended the Jamhuri Day celebrations in Mandera town.

“Look around and you will realise that no single MP is here today when other MPs have gone to their counties for this important event,” he said.

It was only Senator Mohamud Maalim who attended the event presided over by Governor Ali Roba.

“We had a three-day Somali cultural event here and it was so shameful that an MP from Garissa attended when our own failed,” he said.


Mr Mohamed challenged the six MPs from the region to follow suit and take Deputy President William Ruto to visit Mandera to launch several projects that other parts of the country is enjoying.

“Our MPs cannot secure the DP who is crisscrossing this county dishing out goodies. Where are they and what is their work if they cannot get a single project from Mr Ruto’s basket?” asked Mr Mohamed.

Mandera County Assembly Majority Leader Abdi Adan Ali called for a united force in developing the cointy.

“All leaders have to come together to take Mandera to the next level of development, something we have to do on time,” he said.

The MCAs’ outbursts pointed to a cold war between the Governor Roba-led faction and the opposition politicians in the county.


“We had a local handshake between Jubilee and the Economic Freedom Party (EFP) but we need to do more to ensure it is felt at the ward level,” said Mr Farah Abdinoor, the deputy speaker.

Mr Abdinoor challenged the national government leaders to come back home and engage the locals on the signed political deal between the two factions.

“We cannot agree on a united Mandera in Nairobi without getting to wards and explaining the political deal to the electorate,” he said.


In an attempt to appease the MCAs, Senator Maalim said most elected MPs had other issues to deal with but they will soon be coming home.

“Our MPs have other issues they are dealing with. Mandera South MP Adan Haji [for example] is in Dubai,” he said.

The six MPs mostly elected on an EFP ticket include Mr Omar Maalim (Mandera East, EFP), Mr Yussuf Haji (Mandera West, EFP), Mr Abdi Mude (Lafey, EFP), Mr Kulow Maalim (Banisa, EFP), Mr Bashir Abdullahi (Mandera North, Jubilee), and Mr Adan Haji (Mandera South, Jubilee).

While attending the Somali cultural event on Tuesday, Mandera Woman Rep Amina Gedow complained in public of being ignored by the county government, something that could have led to her absence during the Jamhuri celebrations.