Six killed, two injured in suspected militia attack in Mandera

Wednesday March 18 2020

A map of Banisa, Mandera County, near the Kenya-Ethiopian border. At least six people were killed and two others injured on March 27, 2018 when suspected militia attacked a village in Banisa. GRAPHICS | GOOGLE MAPS


At least six people were killed and two others injured on Tuesday when suspected militia attacked a village in Banisa Sub-County, Mandera.

The injured father and son are admitted at the Mandera County Referral Hospital.


Majority of those attacked were from the Degodia clan, according to a local chief who spoke to the Nation on condition of anonymity.

“Attackers from the Garre clan raided Choroqo village and shot dead five villagers, injuring others on Tuesday,” he said.

The attack, he said, was a revenge mission after two men from the Garre clan riding a motorcycle were killed in Ethiopia on Monday.

“The attackers were revenging killing of two men inside Ethiopia and I cannot understand how happenings in another country can be brought on our land,” he said.

The chief said after the killing of five at Choroqo, armed Degodia militia killed one man at Domal, a village inhabited by the Garre clan.

“We are expecting the Government to send in more police officers to quell the situation that seems to be getting out of hand,” he said.


Banisa Deputy County Commissioner Mathias Chisambo later confirmed the killings.

He told the Nation on the phone that it was a retaliatory attack after two people were killed in Ethiopia.

"Suspected clan militia from the Garre clan killed five from the Degodia clan,” he said. But added that it was not clear who killed the sixth person.

“We are in process of knowing who killed the sixth person on the road. It is not clear if it by those Garre militias returning after attacking Choroqo Village,” Mr Chisambo said. 

He said the attackers are known and an eyewitness can identify them. "They are Kenyans and we shall be arresting them soon,” Mr Chisambo added.


At the Mandera County Referral Hospital, Mr Adan Ali, 40, and his nine-year-old son Abdullahi Adan are recovering from gunshot wounds.

Mr Ali was shot in his left leg, while his son was shot in the chest.

“We received two patients with gunshot wounds on Tuesday but today they are in stable condition,” said Dr Mohamed Adan, the Medical Superintendent at the facility.

“The man is in stable condition and an x-ray showed the bullet went through the leg and he is improving well.”

The boy was lucky as the bullet went through his flesh and did not cause any fractures, the doctor added.


Guba MCA Jimale Abdi Hassan condemned the attacks and urged the clans to embrace peace and unity.

“What happened on Tuesday was so unfortunate and it should not be happening in the current times. What happens in another country should not be affecting us in Kenya,” he said.

The Garre and Degodia clans agreed on a ceasefire in 2013 after prolonged clashes that left hundreds dead and property destroyed.

Many others were displaced and are still living in camps.