Floods: Seven-year-old boy killed, man injured in Mandera

Sunday October 13 2019

A flooded section of Wargadud Town in Mandera South. At least one person has been killed by flash floods in the area. PHOTO | MANASE OTSIALO | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Heavy rains currently pounding parts of Mandera County has claimed one life and left a man fighting for his life at Elwak Sub County Hospital.

Wargadud Township Chief, Adow Abdi Mohamed said a seven-year-old boy was swept away by flash floods as he slept in their house on Saturday night.

“We are in a dilemma since every part of this town is flooded. A seven-year-old boy has died while another person is in hospital,” said Mr Mohamed on Sunday.


The administrator expressed fears of a possible cholera outbreak in the area since most toilets have been washed away.

“We are a risk of contracting waterborne diseases like cholera since floods have washed away toilets,” he said.


Affected livestock at Wargadud in Mandera South. Most animals have died of pneumonia after the county started receiving heavy rains. PHOTO | MANASE OTSIALO | NATION MEDIA GROUP

The chief said the floods have also killed livestock. Wargadud MCA Alinoor Derrow blamed poor road construction work for the flooding in the area.

“Contractors working on the Rhamu-Elwak road failed to consider water drainage,” he said.

Mr Derrow said only proper drainage systems will solve the issue of floods which has left dozens of residents homeless.   

“Most of the people sleep in the cold after their houses were destroyed by flash floods,” he said.


A local Red Cross office indicated parts of Mandera West including Takaba town and Gither wards are the most affected by floods. 

Shimbir Fatuma and Kotulo in Mandera South are also affected, he added.   

Public transport has also been affected with buses plying the Mandera-Nairobi route now stranded in different parts of the county.

Mandera Bus Association Chairman, Mohamed Bardad said buses are not able to cross the flooded seasonal river in Mandera South.

“Our buses have been stuck at Kotulo in Mandera South for days now, we cannot risk lives by attempting to cross the fast moving waters,” he said.

Heavy rains have been reported in Ethiopia.  


“Roads across Mandera County are in poor state, the situation is getting worse as it continues to rain and we might be forced to stall public transport especially for buses,” said Mr Bardad.

Parts of Mandera-Rhamu-Banisa-Takaba road that links Mandera to Marsabit through Moyale are reported to be the worst hit.

“We have travellers stranded in Banisa and Takaba because sections of the road are impassable after being washed away by floods from swollen seasonal rivers in Ethiopia,” said Mr Bardad.