16 schools closed due to deadly Marsabit ethnic clashes

Wednesday March 18 2020

At least 16 schools in Marsabit have been closed following the ethnic clashes that left 10 people dead last week.

Speaking to Nation on Monday, the County Director for Education Milton Nzioka said 13 primary and three secondary schools had been closed. 

He noted that 81 KCSE candidates are affected by the clashes, while 394 KCPE candidates could also face a challenge if peace does not prevail in the region this week.

Mr Nzioka said candidates from Sasura Girls Secondary School are being hosted by Cavarella Girls. 

"Some schools are not affected at the moment because students are not registered for examinations that start on Monday," said Mr Nzioka. 

He said plans will be made to ensure that all candidates sit the examinations.

"We are still observing the situation. We hope peace will prevail so that the children can write the tests. However, plans will be made in case the situation does not improve," said Mr Nzioka.

Those affected are Shur, Manyatta Jillo, Gar Qassa, Goro Rukessa, Mwangaza, Qubi Qallo, Lagdima, Jaldesa, Qubi Bagassa, Hekima, Boruharro, Qachacha, Dirib Gombo, Gufu Ali and Badassa primary schools.

Sasura Girls, Manyatta Jillo and Badassa Secondary schools have also been closed. 

Meanwhile, Saku MP Ali Dido Rasso and North Horr’s Chachu Ganya were arrested on Monday over the deadly clashes.​​