Beef up security or we leave, Forole locals say after attack

Wednesday March 18 2020

Schools in Forole, Marsabit County could be shut down if security is not beefed up through the deployment of additional police officers.

At the same time, tension remains high following Monday attack that left 11 people dead.

Residents have vowed to leave the border town of Forole for fear of future attacks.

"We cannot stay here and wait to die. If the government does not do anything we will close down all schools and leave for safer grounds,” Dukana MCA Elema Diba said on Thursday.


Bodies of the 11 attack victims are being buried Thursday morning with six being interred in a mass grave.

The 11 are said to have been drawn into what turned out to be a trap in the name of a security meeting.

As soon as they settled they were surrounded and shot dead while others were left nursing serious injuries.

The attackers are said to be members of a militia group based in Ethiopia.

So far, there has been no additional police deployment in the area following the attack.


Leaders have lamented over the situation saying there is a total lapse in security.

"There is total security lapse. There is no additional security as you can see," Maikona Ward MCA Buke Diba said.

Since the Monday incident, locals have been living in fear more attacks.

Gabra elders Wednesday condemned the heinous attack and asked the government to intervene.

“We also want the government to return the firearms confiscated from the Forole and Turbi National Police Reservists since it is they who are the direct victims of such attacks,” the elders said, further calling for the establishment of a GSU base camp in Forole.