Alarm over multiple murders, drug abuse in Meru

Monday October 21 2019

Meru County Commissioner Allan Machari said many acts of violence are carried out using knives and pangas. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Meru County Commissioner Allan Machari has decried increased cases of killings in the area, saying police collect bodies "almost daily".

Mr Machari said many acts of violence are carried out using knives and pangas.

He recounted the case of a man who ploughed into traders, crushing their legs, and then stabbed two residents of Muthara market, killing one.

“Every day we collect bodies of people who have either been stabbed or slashed. It is worrying," he said.

"Let us not be too busy for our neighbours. Let’s promote partnership between law enforcers and residents.” he said, while calling for strengthening of the Nyumba Kumi initiative.



The administrator also complained of an upsurge in the sale and consumption of illicit brews and drugs.

He reported that 16,468 litres of illicit brew were confiscated in the last one month.

Security agents also seized 1,132 key components used to manufacture illicit brews and 21.56kg of bhang from users.

Mr Machari announced that 175 people had been arrested and 99 charged in various courts and fined a total of at least Sh196,000.

ThecCounty commissioner called for support from elected leaders and residents in eradicating the illicit brews menace.

“The quantity of illicit brew our officers confiscated was enough to make everyone here drunk," he told a gathering on Monday.

"But have you ever heard of a great person who is a drunkard?"


Mr Machari warned national exam candidates against cheating, noting they will be under watch.

“Do not make local arrangements. All exams must be done according to the guidelines stipulated by the Kenya National Examination Council," he said.

The county security boss also asked residents of the northern parts of Meru to ensure their children return to school.

He said many are forced into child labour including selling miraa.

Meru County Governor Kiraitu Murungi told the residents to enjoy themselves but keep off illicit brews.