Lion dies in Meru in 'mysterious circumstances'

The lion was found dead near a tethered cow.

The lion was found dead in Luciuti village, Igembe North. PHOTO | GOOGLE MAPS 

A lion that has been terrorising Meru residents was on Thursday night found dead in Luciuti village, Igembe North.

The lion which is believed to have escaped from the Meru National Park died under mysterious circumstances.

Villages found the dead lion near to a tethered cow in one of the homesteads in Luciati.

Kenya Wildlife Service Community Warden Nathan Gatundu said investigation is underway to establish what killed the lion.

“The physical examination conducted have revealed that the Lion had eaten a skin like that of a goat but samples have been taken to establish the main cause,” said Mr Gatundu.

He said the lion might have died of stress because people have been hunting it down.

The lion is said to have been hiding during the day and terrorising residents and attacking their livestock at night.

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