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Bhang worth Sh3 million destroyed in Migori

Friday December 1 2017

Rongo, Migori County

Bhang worth over Sh3 million was burnt in Rongo, Migori County on November 30, 2017. PHOTO | VIVERE NANDIEMO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Officials have destroyed bhang worth over Sh3 million in Rongo, Migori County following a court order.

The bhang weighing two tonnes has been seized by police along Isibania-Migori-Kisii highway during diverse dates between 2015 and 2017.

The court in Rongo ordered for its destruction after it was used as exhibit in court and suspects found guilty of drug trafficking.

“Now that the cases are over, it had to be destroyed in line with the law,” Rongo Magistrate Raymond Lang'at, who oversaw the destruction said.


Rongo police boss Joseph Satia said security officers in the region have stepped up their efforts to fight drug trafficking, which mainly takes place along the Isibania-Migori-Kisii highway.

“This is a war on drug trafficking and we are sending a clear message to those who are involved in the illegal trade that the law will soon catch up with them. The police are on high alert,” Mr Satia said.

Cases of bhang trafficking in Migori County are rampant. The bhang is said to be smuggled from the neighbouring Tanzania where the drug is legal.

The traffickers smuggle the drug through the Isibania border point and transport it mainly to Nairobi.


“The bhang that is trafficked here is smuggled from Tanzania. This is the biggest challenge because in Tanzania the drug is legal. However,  we have fought hard enough to reduce the cases of the trafficking. So far, scores of people involved in the illegal trade have been arrested and prosecuted,” said Mr Satia.

According to Mr Lang’at, the Rongo court has handled over 200 cases of drug trafficking in Migori County in the last one year.

“The over 200 cases we have handled in this court for the last one year signifies the gravity of the menace the law is fighting,” he said.