Murder suspect in daring attempt to flee from court

Wednesday January 30 2019

Migori murder suspect

Officers chaperone the murder suspect who attempted to run from a court in Migori on January 30, 2019 into a police vehicle. PHOTO | VIVERE NANDIEMO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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A murder suspect has been apprehended after he attempted to escape from Migori Law Courts in a daring bid to run away from justice.

The suspect, identified as Edwin Otieno Wanyara, dashed from the courtroom on Wednesday into the nearby Migori Forest where police officers pursued him.

Drama started at 11am while Wanyara was waiting for his trial for murder at the Migori High Court when he requested the escorting officer from court's holding cell to take him to answer a call of nature.

"It was while he was being escorted back by the officer that the suspect made a dash from court premises, scaled over a wall and ran towards a nearby forest," said Migori Divisional Police Commander Patrick King’ori.


He added, "The suspect ran for about 200 meters and was just a few meters at the edge of the dense forest when he was brought to a halt as officers fired in the air."

According to the police boss, the first shot by the escorting officer alerted his colleagues who sprang into action and started chasing the suspect.

The incident brought activities at the Huduma centre, which is adjacent to the court, to a standstill as people scampered for safety when gunshots rent the air.

Court proceedings were also temporarily interrupted due to the incident.

"His attempt at stolen freedom lasted for not more than five minutes. He will face charges of attempted escape from lawful custody," Mr King’ori said