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Man spears his pregnant wife to death in Kuria

Friday September 21 2018

gender violence, Kuria East, stabbing

Some of the grief-stricken residents of Biasumu village at the home of Rael Boke who was speared to death by her husband on Friday, September 21, 2018. PHOTO | VIVERE NANDIEMO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Police are hunting for a man who allegedly speared his pregnant wife to death at their home in Biasumu village in Kuria East, Migori County.

Mr Pintu Boroi Mwita, 26, is said to have quarrelled with his wife, Rael Boke Mwita, reportedly over the paternity of their unborn child.

The couple is said to have been engaged in a heated verbal altercation on before the husband grabbed his spear and stabbed her several times in the stomach.

The local Chief Mark Ghati Obosi said the couple’s neighbours rushed to the scene after being woken up in the wee hours of Friday by the woman’s wails.

“The neighbours of the couple heard the woman and her children screaming early in the morning. They rushed to the house only to find the woman in a pool of blood with three spear wounds in her stomach. They tried to help her only to realise she was dead. The husband had fled,” said Mr Obosi.

The suspect, who escaped immediately after the incident, is reported to have fled to the neighbouring Tanzania.

“The man had issues with the pregnancy. He claimed that he was not responsible but the wife maintained [the baby was his]. It is unfortunate that it has ended this way,” said a relative of the couple.


The incident left the residents of the sleepy village reeling in shock and disbelief.

“I can’t believe such a thing can happen. How can someone lift a weapon over a pregnant woman! This is an abomination of the highest proportion in our society,” said Robi Chacha, a local resident.

Following the spearing, several residents mounted a search for the man, vowing to kill him while accusing police of dealing leniently with such culprits.

"We cannot trust the police because we have had so many of such culprits who are arrested and later released and yet they commit heinous acts. This is why we have decided to deal with such people," said one of the residents.

Mr Mwita Boroi, the father of the suspect, said even though the couple had marital issues, he could not fathom that the son would resort to violence.

“We have intervened several times in their disputes as a family but it appeared that my son was not satisfied. I never imagined he could resort to murder. I was shocked when I went to their house and found my daughter-in-law in a pool of blood,” said Mr Boroi.


While confirming the incident, Kuria East OCPD Ahmed Abdikadir, said that the police have launched a manhunt for the suspect.

“It is unfortunate that most people in this area resort to their weapons whenever there is a dispute. Several cases of this nature are reported to us more often signifying a bigger problem in this society,” said Mr Abdikadir.

The incident was also condemned by the Women Rights activists in the region.

“These cases have become so common in Kuria. Men are quick to take up their weapons and hurt their wives in the event of a dispute. Many of our women have been killed and others are living with disabilities because of their husbands. This must stop. We urge the police to step up their efforts in reining in these heinous acts,” said Ms Mary Boke, a gender activist.