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Migori teacher hangs self after thieves steal her chickens

Monday January 1 2018


A primary school teacher in Rongo, Migori County has committed suicide allegedly after thieves stole her 30 chickens. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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A primary school teacher in Rongo, Migori County has committed suicide allegedly after thieves stole her 30 chickens.

The body of Ms Ruth Muga, a teacher at Nyarach Primary School in Rongo Sub-County, was found dangling on a rope tied around her neck at her poultry house in her compound on Friday.

Ms Muga is a renowned poultry farmer in the area.

She doubled up the venture with her teaching job and relatives and friends say she was very passionate about farming.


"She was so passionate about poultry farming which was one of her main source of income besides teaching," said Ms Mary Akinyi, a resident.

She is said to have gone missing on Friday morning before her body was later found hanging on a rope.

"Madam went missing on Friday evening. She never told anyone where she was going. She was later found dead in her poultry house with her body hanging on a rope," a relative narrated.

Workers at her farm said Ms Muga had been stressed after thieves stole 30 layers from her poultry farm.

The thieves only left seven birds behind.

“They were stolen on Christmas eve and ever since she has been stressed,” a worker said.


Her husband, only identified as Mr Muga, is said to have urged the deceased to forget about the chicken and move on.

"The husband repeatedly talked to her to forget about the stolen chicken but she appeared depressed," added the worker who wished not to be named.

The incident left residents reeling in shock and disbelief.

They called on the police to deal firmly with cases of theft which are on the rise in the area.

"It is really shocking for someone to decide to take her life because of chickens. The police are not doing much to curb the rising cases of theft in this area. This should be a wakeup call to them,” said Mr John Omondi Odongo, a resident.


Rongo police boss Jonathan Kisaka said the woman had told her family to prepare supper before she committed suicide.

He said the police are carrying out further investigations to find out the exact reason that led to the suicide.

“She did not leave a suicide note so it is not clear whether the stolen chickens are the cause of her death or there is any other reason that led her to take her life. We will investigate further,” Mr Kisaka said.

The woman’s body was taken to RapCom mortuary in Rongo Town as investigations continue.