Don’t scrap Senate, it’s a House of wisdom, says Ekwee Ethuro

Monday March 20 2017

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Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro has dismissed a proposal to scrap the Senate, saying the upper house is needed especially now when the country is at a crossroads.

Mr Ethuro said the Senate has not only demonstrated decorum but stood up to defend the unity of the country.

Speaking Monday during a youth pre-summit meeting at Pride Inn Beach Resort in Mombasa ahead of the main Second Annual Legislative Summit, Mr Ethuro said the Senate has performed exemplarily well in its mandate, citing several instances where senators were forced to avert serious crises in the country.

“You have seen the way we have conducted business. We have not poured water on our ladies. We have not abused each other, but in all, we have delivered,” he said.

He added: “This year, this country could have been in a serious problem until Senate intervened in the delicate matter of the electoral laws. I am glad even Cord suspended their street demonstrations because of the action of the Senate. What more conviction do you need? This is the house of the future.”


Mr Ethuro described the Senate as a House of wisdom that should never be interfered with.

He said the Senate has played a pivotal role in safeguarding devolution and has protected the interests of the minority and marginalised groups such as youth, women and disabled people.

“We have a serious commitment for our country. We have brought amendments for the course of the youth,” he said.

The Senate speaker also cautioned the National Assembly against what he termed as “bashing of the Judiciary” due to decisions made by courts deemed unsuitable by the MPs.

He said the Judiciary is an independent organ established in the Constitution to oversight other organs of the State and should not be panelised for discharging its functions.