Mombasa family pleads with kidnappers to release pregnant woman

Wednesday March 18 2020

Ms Khadija Bwana Omar in tears after she learnt that her pregnant daughter was kidnapped while on her way to Malindi airport. PHOTO | LABAN WALLOGA | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The family of a pregnant woman who was abducted on Thursday in Mombasa has been living in pain for the last four days with the abductors playing cat and mouse games.

Ms Saida Abderehman, 20, who is eight-months pregnant was abducted on Thursday while on her way to board a Malindi-bound matatu at Buxton in Mombasa.

She was to connect to Lamu on a midday flight from the Malindi International Airport.

Since then, her phone was first traced in Taita Taveta County then Nairobi.

On Saturday, the suspected abductors allegedly called the family and agreed to hand her over, according to the family’s spokesperson Aqrima Mohammed.

“But when we made arrangement to go get her at the alleged location they switched off the phone and have [ceased communication],” said Mr Mohammed.

Detectives based in Mombasa revealed that the abductors have been changing their locations every now and then.

On Friday, Mombasa Urban Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss Jacob Kanake said the phone was traced in Keekorok Road in Nairobi.


The abductors have been using the victim’s telephone number to contact her relatives, claiming to have killed her.

“I have not been able to eat in the last four days since they took my daughter,” said Ms Abderehman’s mother, Khadija BwanaOmar when spoke to journalists at their family home in Mwembe Tayari.

The abductors have not yet demanded ransom, leaving the family to guess their motive.

 “We do not know the motive behind all this. My daughter is heavily pregnant why are they doing this to us? We are suffering,” said Ms BwanaOmar.

The family spoke as Muslims for Human Rights Group (Muhiri) activists returned from Taita Taveta County where they had gone in search for her.

 They had travelled to the county after receiving information that an unidentified body had been seen in Voi but Muhuri officer Francis Auma confirmed the body was not that of Ms Abderehman.

“We [checked] all the morgues in Taita and we confirmed that she was not there and what we are kindly requesting is for people to stop spreading rumours over this matter. We should pray for the family to get their kin alive,” said Ms Auma.

Earlier, the abductors sent text messages claiming they had killed her.