Mombasa woman claims Senator Loitiptip wants her dead

Wednesday March 18 2020

A woman who claims to have been in a relationship with Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip has accused him of abandoning her after she got pregnant and threatening to kill her.

The senator has denied the allegations and is due to record a statement with police.

But Ms Hanifa Were has turned to Muslims for Human Rights (Muhuri), saying she does not want to be "the next Sharon".

Sharon Otieno was a student at Rongo University and the girlfriend of Migori Governor Okoth Obado.

About a year ago, the 27-year-old died a gruesome death after she was stabbed eight times while seven months pregnant.

Governor Obado was charged with the murder and released on a Sh5 million bond. His co-accused are Mr Michael Oyamo and Mr Caspal Obiero.


And while flanked by Muhuri officials, Ms Were gave a detailed account of events to journalists at a press conference in Nyali, Mombasa County on Sunday.

The 36-year-old single mother said she met the senator through Facebook on April 20.

"He texted me on messenger. I was hesitant when he introduced himself as a senator. I did not even know there was a senator by that name but after exchanging contacts we got to video chat and that's when I confirmed it was him," she said.

Ms Were said that the following day, as she took her 15-year-old daughter back to school in Nairobi, Mr Loitiptip offered her some money and expressed his feelings for her.

Two days after getting to Nairobi, she claimed, he asked her to meet him at Thika Road Mall, which is near his residence.

"I went there and waited for him as he told me he was in a meeting. He came at around 8pm and since it was late, he insisted that we go to his house. I protested as I had no extra clothes with me but he said he would buy me everything. We ended up at his home and I spent the night there," she narrated.

At that time, Ms Were, said, she softened up and so began her relationship with the lawmaker.


Ms Were said that while at Mr Loitiptip's house one day, he called her from work and told her he would not be returning home as he would be attending an urgent meeting in Kisumu.

"I read malice in his story but let go. However, I told him I could not live in that big house all by myself and thus I would head back to my sister's house in Mombasa. We agreed that he would call me when he returned from his trip," she said.

Ms Were said she never heard from the senator again.

She said that after three weeks of no communication, she started feeling unwell so she took a test that revealed she was pregnant.

"When I informed him, he became hostile towards me. I decided that I would keep my baby," she said.


Ms Were said that in June, while checking social media, she came across reports that Mr Loitiptip and Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko's daughter Saumu Mbuvi were attacked while leaving a club.

"I later [watched] him on TV saying Saumu was his fiancé. I was shocked as  he had told me he was single. As I scrolled through Facebook chats I saw people commenting about him. I remember commenting something, which appeared to have angered one of those who were taking part in those chats," she said.

She said the person seemed to have been using a pseudo account.

Ms Were said Mr Loitiptip then started sending her messages on Facebook Messenger, asking her to stay away from his family.

Asked whether he sent the messages, the senator said he did due to the need to protect his family from a woman who wanted to ruin it.


Ms Were further said she feared for her life as she three time spotted people close to Mr Loitiptip outside her house .

She showed journalists a picture of a man standing behind the senator at an event, and claimed he was among those she had seen outside her house.

"This is the man who has been following me. I fear for my life. I am afraid of Anwar. He is not a good person," she said.

"We have heard of what these politicians are capable of doing. I don't want to be the next Sharon. Please help me."


Last week, Ms Were reported the matter at Kadzandani Police Station in Kisauni Mombasa under OB number 30 of 14/9/19.

The woman also filed a complaint at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations in Nairobi where Mr Loitiptip has recorded a statement.

Police have launched investigations into the matter.

At English Point Marina in Nyali on Sunday, Mr Loitiptip denied the allegations of impregnating the woman, knowing the person in the photograph that she showed reporters and sending people to threaten her.

"I had an affair with this woman which did not last more than a week. Why is she forcing love? It's been six months since we left each other. Why would she come out now?"

The senator added that he broke up with Ms Were after realising the relationship was not heading in the right direction.

"Why would I want to kill her? Should I be dealing with my fellow politicians or a woman? She should stop forcing things," he told journalists.