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Huduma Namba: Two chiefs on the spot over negligence

Thursday April 11 2019

Murang'a County Commission Mohammed Barre

Murang'a County Commission Mohammed Barre who on April 11, 2019 confirmed that an assistant chief who disappeared with a Huduma Namba registration machine and went drinking was arrested and charged while another one who attempted suicide after he was reprimanded for turning up for the registration drunk is recuperating at the Thika Level Five Hospital. PHOTO | NDUNG'U GACHANE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

Two chiefs from Murang’a County are on spot over their behaviour during the ongoing Huduma Namba registration.

The two have found themselves in trouble due to their drinking habits that saw one of them try to commit suicide while the other one was arrested and charged with sabotaging government policy after failing to produce the registration machine and instead went with it to a bar.

Mugumoini Sub-Location Assistant Chief David Njoroge is recuperating at the Thika Level Five Hospital after he tried to commit suicide after his supervisor, the assistant county commissioner, scolded him over his drinking habits.


The administrator is said to have reported for the Huduma Namba registration while drunk, drawing the anger of his boss who demanded to know why he reported to work while drunk.

According to Murang’a County Commissioner Mohammed Barre, the assistant chief ran away and left the work station only for police officers to get reports that he had taken poison with the aim of killing himself.


Mr Barre said the police officers rushed to the scene and took him to Thika Level Five Hospital.


“He is recuperating and doing very well. He developed cold feet after he was questioned by his supervisor why he reported to work while drunk. Upon getting well, we shall take him to a rehabilitation centre because alcoholism is an illness,” Mr Barre said.

In a separate incident, Gikandu Sub-Location Assistant Chief Gerald Maina was on Tuesday charged at the Murang’a Law Courts with sabotaging a government policy and disappearing with the Huduma Namba registration gadget.

Mr Maina denied the charges before Principal Magistrate Edwin Nyaga who released him on a Sh100,000 bond.

The case will be mentioned April 14 while hearing was set for June 14, 2019.


The court heard that the officer, who was the custodian of the gadget, went missing, a move that led detectives to search for him, only for them to find him in a bar taking beer on Monday morning. He had the gadget with him but it had stopped functioning.

The administrator’s action had paralysed the Huduma Namba registration.

Mr Barre told the Nation that disciplinary action will be taken against him as his action was tantamount to sabotaging a serious government exercise.

“For the Mugumoini officer, he will be taken to rehab but for the Gikandu assistant chief, we are in the process of disciplining him because of negligence and sabotage,” he said.