My life is in danger, says Kandara MP Alice Wahome

Wednesday January 15 2020

Kandara MP Alice Muthoni Wahome now claims that her life is in danger following her firm political stand and her remarks which she directed at President Uhuru Kenyatta last month.

Speaking in Kandara town on Wednesday, Ms Wahome claimed that she received a phone call last week from a man who threatened her life.

She said that should anything happen to her, leaders from the Kieleweke outfit would be to blame.

Ms Wahome is allied to the Tangatanga faction of Jubilee Party which supports Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 bid for the presidency.


“A man called me last week and threatened to kill me. Some leaders allied to Kieleweke are after my life and, should my constituents fail to locate me, they should be interrogated over my whereabouts,” she told her supporters.


She spoke during the issuance of bursary cheques to needy students.

The MP also claimed that some Jubilee leaders have been holding meetings with “some goons” to plan how they will be disrupting her events in the constituency.

But she said she will never be cowed in her political quest and in exercising her freedom of association.


“They had sent goons to try and interrupt my event of issuing bursary cheques but our intelligence recognised them and we called police who arrested 22 of them. Let them know that I will not be cowed or intimidated by their evil schemes. Let them also know that I am guarded and we shall face each other,” she said.

She told off leaders who have been defending the President, telling them that they are not her prefects and that they should concentrate on serving their electors.


She also criticised civil servants whom she said have neglected their roles and started doing politics.

“Civil servants must shun politics and concentrate on serving Kenyans because failure to do so may destroy the President’s legacy. Those who purport to defend the President should know that they are not our prefects and, again, telling the President the truth should not be mistaken to mean we are disrespecting him. We are very happy that he heeded our calls and came up with measures to support milk, tea and coffee sectors from collapsing,” she added.

She urged the President to advise former Jubilee Party vice-chairman David Murathe to shut up, saying that his remarks continue to hurt many people.

“In 2013, we agreed with the President that he would serve for 10 years while his deputy would serve for 10 years. That has not changed,” Ms Wahome said.