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I almost killed myself after my wife left me – Murang’a blogger

Monday April 15 2019

James Kamau alias Kamau Son of Waithira

James Kamau alias Kamau Son of Waithira, a blogger from Murang'a who says marital problems drove him to the blink of suicide. He advises the youth to speak out when the face problems. PHOTO | NDUNG'U GACHANE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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A 30-year-old blogger from Murang’a County, who says he nearly committed suicide due to marital problems, has urged the youth to always seek help instead of harming or killing their loved ones or themselves in times of distress.

He, at the same time, advises young people to always share their predicaments with close friends and relatives instead of living in solitude, which puts them at the risk of committing suicide.

Mr James Kamau alias Kamau Son of Waithira, said he “lived in hell” due to a stormy marriage and that he almost committed suicide after his wife of three years left him in 2017 due to “hearsay and rumours”.


He told the Nation that even after going through a difficult marriage, he did not share his problems with anyone, something which left him to suffer in silence and developing suicidal thoughts.

Married in 2015, Mr Kamau said problems with his wife started in 2016 when he sold a mobile phone in order to get bus fare to travel from his Kabete home, where he worked, to Maragua where his wife, who was nursing a new-born child, was staying.


“I used to travel often from Kabete to Maragua to look after my wife and this drained me forcing me to sell my phone at a throw away price to a colleague who bought it for Sh7,000.


“Unfortunately, I forgot to remove from the phone one of my sim cards which I hardly used and, coincidentally, I did not inform my wife that I had sold the phone since I had another one which had the line that I mostly used. That mistake was what turned around my life and marriage,” Mr Kamau regretted.

He said immediately after selling the phone, his wife called him but he was unreachable and so she decided to call him through the other line, only for the phone to be picked by a “strange woman”. His wife got furious, insisting that he was in a relationship with the woman who picked the call.

He says it was unfortunate that even the person who bought his phone did not remove his other SIM card which remained active.


Mr Kamau, a popular blogger in Murang’a and an administrator of several social media groups in Murang'a, said his wife sought advice from her friends and some of his “enemies” who misadvised her thus rocking their marriage.

He said he tried to do everything possible to salvage his marriage from collapsing.

“I would hear all manner of false stories from my wife and since she called my line and it was picked by a lady, she never believed anything I told her. I suffered from depression and stress.

“Someone also lied to her that any time she was not in Murang’a, I would bring mistresses to our matrimonial bed, a thing I swear I never did,” he told the Nation.


Despite his efforts to salvage his young family from disintegrating, his wife eventually left him and his pleas and efforts to get her back through emissaries did not bear fruit.

He said he even pleaded with her to return home and allow him to leave while he would be sending support to her but she flatly refused.

“I felt like committing suicide or even harming someone as I did not share what I was going through with any of my friends or relative for fear of being mocked or laughed at.

“But when I eventually opened up and spoke out, I started getting peace of mind. I am now picking up the pieces and doing well. I urge people going through similar predicaments to share their problems with their close friends,” he said.