Mukuru Kaiyaba night fire leaves 45 families homeless

Wednesday September 25 2019
mukuru pic

A man hold paraphernalia found in the house where a fire started in Nairobi's Mukuru Kaiyaba slums on September 24, 2019. The fire left 45 families homeless. PHOTO | SAMMY KIMATU | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Forty-five families living along Mandazi Road in Nairobi's Mukuru Kaiyaba slums in South B were left in the cold after a huge fire destroyed their homes Monday night.

The blaze allegedly started from a house where a woman was cooking using firewood.

The fire then spread quickly to neighbouring houses as the mother and her children fled to safety.


Although there were no casualties, property of unknown value was reduced to ashes.

At the same time, looters posing as good Samaritans out to help stole from the residents.


There was drama when youths present found paraphernalia said to be connected to superstitious activities at the scene. They included a tape, horns and traditional medicines wrapped in cloth and others inside the horn.

Grief-stricken victims were stunned by the tragedy as neighbours showed up to console them.

mukuru pic2

Neighbours console a devastated victim of the Mukuru Kaiyaba fire is consoled. PHOTO | SAMMY KIMATU | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Nairobi County fire fighters could not reach the area as there is no proper access road to allow fire engines to pass.

Roads in the area have been grabbed and houses put up, making it difficult for vehicles to find their way through.

The frustrated fire fighters had no choice but to turn back without fulfilling their mission.

The youths present resorted to putting out the fire using water from trenches in the area.

Others demolished some houses near the scene to prevent a further spread of the raging fire.

Victims urged the government and well-wishers to help them.