Construction of new bridge begins in Mukuru slums

Tuesday February 25 2020

Workers constructing a new permanent foot bridge linking Kenya Wine, Fuata Nyayo slums and Enterprise Road in Nairobi's Industrial Area on February 25, 2020. PHOTO | SAMMY KIMATU | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Nairobi residents who work in the Industrial Area and two Mukuru slum dwellers are relieved with the construction of a new bridge.  

For a long time, people in Mukuru-Wine, Kanaro and Fuata Nyayo slums have been using a makeshift footbridge which has endangered the lives of many. At least 20 people have slipped into the Ngong River while crossing the wooden bridge.

Police officers from Kenya Wine Chiefs' camp have often had a rough time helping pupils cross the makeshift bridge on their way to and from school. The temporary bridge was built 10 years ago by former Nairobi South Ward MCA Manoah Mboku.

On Tuesday, workers from Noordin Enterprises were constructing a new permanent bridge.


People crossing on a makeshift foot bridge which is on the verge of collapse in Nairobi's Mukuru slums on February 25, 2020. PHOTO | SAMMY KIMATU | NATION MEDIA GROUP

The project is sponsored by Landi Mawe MCA Herman Azangu Kaimosi and the Nairobi County Government. 


Mr Azangu said the bridge, which connects Nairobi’s South B and Enterprise Road, will cost Sh2.5 million.

It will also be used by pupils at Brightstar Academy, Brightstar Secondary School, New Dawn Academy, Brine Academy, and South B Baptist.

Initially, residents were using the bridge linking Mukuru-Mariguini and Mukuru-Commercial slums to enter Nairobi’s Industrial Area.