Police arrest Kenyan trafficking 7 foreign girls to Oman

Wednesday March 18 2020

A Kenyan man and seven foreign girls were arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi County on Tuesday.

Police stopped them as they prepared to leave for Oman.


Officers said the five Tanzanians and two Ugandans were being trafficked to Oman by Geoffrey Mutemi Manzi.

They did not reveal the girls' ages but said they were young.

Two weeks ago, Kenyan authorities arrested 71 immigrants in Nairobi as they were being trafficked through the JKIA to Oman with fake entry stamps on their passports.

According to Director of Immigration Services Alexander Muteshi, security officers detected that the immigrants, who are of different nationalities, had fake documents.

“Our officers at the immigration desk at the JKIA detained 59 Ugandans, seven Burundians and five Tanzanians who had fake entry stamps on their passports,” said Mr Muteshi.

A week later, 10 other Ugandan nationals were arrested in their hideout in Uhuru Estate while being trafficked to the Middle East.

In a statement, Mr Muteshi said a Kenyan trafficker was also arrested but the Immigration department did not reveal the identity of the suspect.

“The Kenyan trafficker will be arraigned in court soon," he said.

It is suspected that the immigrants, most of whom are Uganda women, were being trafficked to the Middle East to work as house helps.