Nairobi commuters trek to work as matatu ban takes effect

Monday December 03 2018

The cause of the fire was not immediately clear.


Do you work in Nairobi’s Central Business District and use public transport to reach you work station?

And does your commute involve taking a connecting matatu from the city centre?

If your answer to either of the questions is in the affirmative, Governor Mike Sonko has bad news for you: You will either have to trek or take a taxi to reach your place of work.

These transport woes and heavy price of commute have been occasioned by City Hall ban on matatus from picking up and dropping off passengers in CBD.

The ban took effect as early as 4.50am, with police and county traffic marshals blocking matatus from entering the city centre.

The armed security officers, some in full combat gear, were deployed to designated termini (outside CBD) that the Sonko administration directed matatus to operate from starting today.


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