Nairobi County uses all funds from national govt to pay salaries, says Governor Kidero

Thursday March 10 2016

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero. He has said his

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero. He has said his county government uses all the money allocated from the national government on salaries and called for intervention from the Senate for more funds. PHOTO | ROBERT NGUGI | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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The Nairobi County government uses all the funds allocated from the national government to pay salaries, Governor Evans Kidero has said.

The Governor, who spoke when he met Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro in his office on Wednesday urged the senate to intervene saying the funds allocated to the City County government were insufficient.

Dr Kidero said that they have been receiving lesser funds compared to the defunct City Council which used to get Sh14.4 billion a year with only 7,000 employees while this year they received Sh11.2 billion with an extra 8,000 workers inherited.

“All the funds we get from national government [are used to pay] the employees of the county and [the 8,000] we inherited more from the national government,” said Dr Kidero.

Dr Kidero said that the defunct council would spend only Sh600 million on salaries while the county government was spending Sh1.5 billion monthly translating to about Sh18 billion a year.

Mr Ethuro urged county governments to present their case during the budget making process to allow such challenges to be presented to the Treasury.

“We have interacted with the Nairobi County and realised that this county is unique with unique challenges we need to know this beforehand so that we can help,” said Mr Ethuro.

Mr Ethuro said Nairobi has been experiencing the highest rural-urban migration which puts a huge strain on the available resources.