Churches no longer out to save souls but to make money

Wednesday December 25 2019

Fr Moses Muraya who says that greed for material gain by church leaders and their followers affects not just the evangelical home-grown churches but mainstream churches as well. PHOTO | FRANCIS MUREITHI | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The worst enemy of the modern-day church in Nakuru County is not the devil, but greed for material gain by church leaders and their followers.

According to Fr Moses Muraya, this problem affects not just the evangelical home-grown churches, but mainstream churches as well.

“Materialism has made a permanent home in our churches. Those leading in acquiring ill-gotten wealth are pastors, and that is why corruption inside and outside the church is competing,” said Fr Muraya, who is in charge of the St Monica Catholic Church at Section 58 in Nakuru town.


“I wish there was more seriousness in preaching of the true gospel and preparing followers for eternal life,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bishop Abraham Gitu of the Apostolic Faith Church said today’s church is not concerned about the welfare of its members.


“The modern-day church is not interested in winning lost souls, but instead plans how individuals can become millionaires by robbing members through dubious contributions,” Bishop Gitu said.

He said mainstream churches are losing many young members who feel they are not empowered.

“They’re not empowered to take over the church leadership and that is where the problem lies since the old guard wants to cling to leadership until death,” he said.


The bishop said corruption in churches is attributable to “lack of fear of God”, with pastors enriching themselves.

Politicians should not be allowed to speak from the pulpit, he says.

“Even former President Daniel arap Moi never addressed the congregation from the pulpit. He did it outside, and churches should not allow politicians with their dirty money to hijack the pulpit,” Bishop Gitu said.

Rev Moses Ndung’u of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Ng’arua Parish in Laikipia County, said today’s church lacks unity and purity and is instead driven by selfish interests.

“Modern-day churches have thrown their purity through the window due to bad leadership, which has reduced churches to money-minting shops,” he said.


Rev Ndung’u said that in future, church leaders should be scrutinised to weed out crooked pastors who give their followers false hopes.

“We have unthinking acceptance among followers and this is what is aiding corruption in churches as some Kenyans will pay anything and do anything, including not going to hospital or taking their children to school, without their pastors’ approval,” he said.