KDF cadets visit recovering drug addicts at a Nakuru rehab

Tuesday October 16 2018

Maj Gen George Owino

Kenya Military Academy commandant Maj Gen George Owino (right) speaks at the Jomec Rehabilitation Centre in Nakuru on October 15, 2018 during a visit by cadets who interacted with recovering drug addicts. On the left is the centre's director John Mututho. PHOTO | MAGDALENE WANJA | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Kenya Military Academy cadets on Monday visited recovering drug addicts at the Jomec Rehabilitation Centre in Nakuru as part of community service that will see the addicts acquire various life skills.

The cadets from Lanet Barracks, led by the academy’s commandant Maj Gen George Owino, helped clean up the centre and interacted with hundreds of the recovering addicts.

Apart from the military training, Maj Gen Owino noted that the academy trains the cadets on community service which helps in shaping their character.

“We have come here to learn how the institution works and to see how we can help them become better members of the society,” he said.

KDF cadets

KDF cadets from the Kenya Military Academy in Lanet and the recovering drug addicts at Jomec Rehabilitation Centre in Nakuru on October 15, 2018. PHOTO | MAGDALENE WANJA | NATION MEDIA GROUP.


He added that apart from helping the recovering addicts, the visit will also help the officers learn how to work with the community.

“This is because we believe the military is a service and not an employment and our core role is serving (people),” he said.

The centre’s director John Mututho challenged various professional groups and MPs to create some time to visit recovering addicts in various centres and understand some of the issues affecting them before passing some laws.

“It’s a challenge to the society that if you don’t come out now and get to understand the issues such as addiction, you will realise when it’s too late when laws like legalisation of bhang have been passed,” said Mr Mututho.

The officers also engaged the patients in activities such as football tournaments.

The visit came a day after the Kenya Defence Forces marked the KDF Day on Sunday.