Kagoto Primary pupils endure noise from quarry

Tuesday November 05 2019

Kagoto Primary School pupils in Bahati, Nakuru County, pointing to a quarry near the institution on October 23, 2019. PHOTO | FRANCIS MUREITHI |NATION MEDIA GROUP


The joy of many pupils is to learn in a conducive environment with zero noise pollution levels.  

Noise deters pupils’ ability to concentrate. It also affects teacher’s ability to communicate effectively and disrupts the quality of learning.

Kagoto Primary School in Bahati, Nakuru County, understands the effects of noise pollution in the teaching and learning process.   

The school environment is probably the noisiest and riskiest in Kenya. The institution with over 1,700 pupils is located on the foothills of Menengai crater near quarry.


Pupils are exposed to danger. One of the pupils died after he was hit by a rock while playing in the institution.


Besides, pupils live into fear of falling in huge cracks that cut across the playing grounds. The situation worsens during heavy rains.

The sound from the blast at the quarry interferes with the learning process.

 “We don’t concentrate in class during blasts at the quarry. We can’t play in the compound as we fear being hit by flying rock particles,” said Margaret Wanjiku a Class Seven pupil.

Her classmate Mary Wamuyu said the walls of their classroom has cracks due to heavy blasts at the quarry.

“This quarry should either be relocated or its activities should be done at night,” said Wamuyu.

Peter Thuo, another Class Seven pupil, said the dust from the quarry affects pupils as they cough a lot.

Scott Kamau said the death of a pupil and constant disruption of lessons has greatly affected learning.

“Sometimes learning is halted and we are ordered to go to a safe grounds,” said Kamau.

The teachers cannot teach effectively because of the noise.


According to the head teacher, Mr Benson Ndung’u, the noise from the quarry causes tension and anxiety among pupils and teachers.  

“The classrooms have dangerous cracks and the walls may collapse and injure pupils and teachers,” he said.

Nakuru North sub -county Director of Education Joel Kaunda said his office has written to the authorities to address the noise pollution.  

 “This problem has been persistent and we have written to the relevant authorities to deal with it,” said Mr Kaunda.

Nakuru North Assistant County Commissioner Mutua Kisilu said the matter was being addressed.

 “We called National Environment Management Authority officials and a geologist to supervise the activities at the quarry. We have come up with a plan where the owner of the quarry will blast small quantities to address the safety of the pupils,” said Mr Kisilu.