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Mututho now defends Governor Lee Kinyanjui from critics

Thursday September 19 2019

Former Nacada boss John Mututho.

Former Nacada chairman John Mututho speaks in Nakuru on September 18, 2019. He urged politicians to give governor Lee Kinyanjui time to deliver his promises to the residents. PHOTO | FRANCIS MUREITHI | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

In a rare gesture, former chairman of the National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Nacada), John Mututho has urged politicians attacking Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui’s style of leadership to give him time to deliver. 

Mr Mututho who has been one of Governor Kinyanjui’s sharpest critics, termed the attack on Mr Kinyanjui development record by local politicians led by Senator Susan Kihika and Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri as “a display of political cowardice.”

“Although Governor Kinyanjui’s leadership has stains and latest rankings has shown that he is not among the top ten performing governors out of 47, I urge my fellow politicians to support him at least for now to allow him to serve the residents and deliver his election promises,” said Mr Mututho.


He said Governor Kinyanjui has improved road network, markets and drainage in town and was not preaching politics of hatred like his political enemies.

 “Let us give him credit where it is due. He has maintained peace in Nakuru and does not subscribe to politics of confrontation and hiring goons like his political foes,” said Mr Mututho.


He added: “Every politician has his own way of dancing and we should give Governor Kinyanjui time to dance his own political dance and if he pleases us, we shall judge him well and that is mature politics that is apparently lacking among political leaders in Nakuru.”


However, he urged Governor Kinyanjui to tame graft in his administration which will come to haunt him in 2022 and handle the problem of street children.

He also urged the governor to push for a share of pie of Lake Nakuru National Park to boost the dwindling county revenue collection.

“Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the highest income generating parks in Kenya and Mr Kinyanjui should not sit and watch as the entire income generated is taken to Nairobi, he must push for a share of the cake,” said Mr Mututho.


He said it was shameful for local politicians to gang up and attack on Governor Kinyanjui during a political rally at Nakuru Agriculture Show Ground last Friday under “Inua Mama” initiative.

During the meeting some of the Nakuru MPs endorsed Senator Kihika for governorship.

“As residents and politicians we are daily filing our score card for Governor Kinyanjui and when the time of politicking comes we shall give him what he deserves and decide whether to send him home or retain him based on his development record,” said Mr Mututho.

He added: “In Nakuru we should stop this drama. We cannot afford a Senator and a clique of underperforming MPs who wakes up in the morning and criticises the governor left, right and centre as if the world is coming to fall apart tomorrow. We have an obligation to support this governor up to 2022.”

“We elected him and nobody petitioned. Let us give him time to put his best foot forward. If he performs or fails we shall still be there and give him the dose of his own medicine,” he added.


He said he contested for the governorship seat but lost and was not bitter with the leadership of governor Kinyanjui.

He added: “Lee is not my close friend nor is he my enemy. He is my governor and I respect him.”

“I will challenge Governor Kinyanjui on what he did not do right during his tenure. Some of the leaders attacking governor Kinyanjui have political baggage full of corruption and we shall name and shame them when the right time comes,” he added.

Mr Mututho was speaking in Nakuru Town on Wednesday after meeting a delegation of opinion leaders from Central Kenya.

He called on Senator Kihika to play her oversight role instead of mixing that role with politics of malice and personal vendetta.


Mr Mututho criticised Kieleweke and Tangatanga teams and told the two warring wings within Jubilee party to keep off Nakuru politics.

“If you come to Nakuru devote your energies on development matters and keep your dirty politics away. We have had enough of your immature politics where you shamelessly fight in churches. In Nakuru we want development not divisive politics,” said Mr Mututho.

He urged Nakuru residents to reject politicians fighting in churches, saying “we must reject them with the same zeal we reject satanic forces.”