Agony of woman who lost her entire family in Migaa crash

Tuesday January 2 2018

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Ms Phoebe Achieng, who is recuperating at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital after surviving the deadly crash at Migaa, near Salgaa in Nakuru County, still hopes to see her husband and their four children.

As she lies on her hospital bed, she does not know what happened to her other family members.

She has confirmed the death of two of her sons, who were pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, but Ms Achieng is still hoping that her husband and two other boys are alive.

Due to her condition, the nursing officer in charge of the hospital, Ms Teresia Mungai, opted not to divulge information on the fate of her other family members.


Rift Valley Regional Coordinator Wanyama Musiambo said four children had died during the Sunday morning crash in which a total of 36 people perished.

Ms Achieng’s husband and one child were among those who died on the spot while her other son, who was admitted to the Molo Sub-County hospital, also died while receiving treatment.

Ms Achieng said she had four children aged 14, 13, two and a two-month-old baby.

Ms Achieng Monday spoke of her two other boys being at the Molo hospital, though she was not sure whether they were dead or alive.

“I hope to see my children, though I am not sure whether they are alive or dead. I have received contradicting information from my relatives who tell me they are alive while others claim they are both dead,” she said.


While recalling the last moments she had with the children, she said the family was hoping to celebrate the New Year in Nairobi after celebrating Christmas at their rural home in Kisumu.

“Since two of the boys were feeling unwell, I encouraged them to be patient until we get to Nairobi to seek treatment,” she added.

Mr James Migire, on the other hand, has been sitting by the bedside watching over his wife, who also survived the Sunday crash.

He could not believe that his wife, Jecinta Mbiya, was lucky to be among the few who came out of the bus wreck alive.

“Today, I went to Salgaa Police Station and was I was shocked when I saw the wreckage of the bus. I am thankful to God for giving her another chance to live,” said Mr Migire.


The bus crash forced him to cut short his holiday at his rural home in Kisumu, where they had attended Christmas festivities.

Ms Migire is nursing head and chest injuries.

She had travelled ahead of her husband to celebrate the New Year holiday with their two other children who could not travel to their rural home due to hiked bus fares.

Mr Migire said he learnt of the crash after his wife called to say what had happened.

“I immediately set out to Nakuru to come and see my wife’s condition and I am happy that she is now in a stable condition,”

Meanwhile, a family some of the injured victims of the Migaa bus crash have decided to transfer their relatives to Nairobi for more treatment and monitoring.


Ms Violet Ombima said the family decided to move the three survivors of the fatal crash from Nakuru Level Five Hospital to Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi in order to monitor their progress.

Ms Ombima, the aunt of Sheldon Karuara, Collins Ochieng and Kelvin Omondi said the three were travelling from Vihiga to Nairobi when they were involved in the deadly crash.

“The three were travelling from the commemoration of their late grandmother in Vihiga County,’’ Ms Ombima told Nation at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital.

Collins Ochieng who is at the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) had his leg broken twice.

“The boy is in serious condition and we leave his life to God,’’said Ms Ombima who lives in Nairobi.

The Migaa bus crash happened on New Year’s Eve as families travelled back from Christmas celebrations upcountry

After the fatal crash, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) imposed a ban on night travel by all long-distance public service vehicles.