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Nakuru police arrest man suspected to be selling cat meat

Sunday June 24 2018

Man skins cat Nakuru

Police in Nakuru on June 24, 2018 arrested this man after he was found skinning a cat. The man claimed that he has been selling cat meat to unsuspecting samosa vendors since 2012. PHOTO | PETER MBURU | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Police in Nakuru are holding a man suspected to have been selling cat meat to unsuspecting samosa vendors in the town.

The man was arrested after he was found skinning a cat on Sunday.

Speaking to journalists, the suspect, James Kimani, claimed he has sold over 1,000 cats to samosa vendors and a hotel in the town since 2012.

The suspect said he started the business after he “identified a gap in the market”.

However, he said his clients do not know he has been selling cat meat to them.


According to him, he has a market for cat skins and that he earns at least Sh500 for every cat he slaughters.

“I began this business in 2012 after I saw there was need for the meat by samosa sellers. I tell my clients that I get the meat from Gioto (a popular dump site) but they do not know it is cat meat,” the suspect told journalists.

He was arrested at Railways area within Nakuru town while skinning a cat.

He had already slit its neck and was in the process of removing the skin.


“This means the foods we are eating here in town are questionable. He has said that he has a ready market and has slaughtered over 1,000 cats. It is traumatising that he has market for cat meat and skins, it is shocking,” said Mr Maina Saitoti, a resident.

“He has disclosed he sells the cat meat to a hotel in town. Feeding people with such a meal is not fair,” said another resident, Mr Paul Asika.

“Whoever is doing this business, selling something not fit for human consumption should be arrested,” said Ms Emma Aoko.

The residents beat up the man before he was rescued by police officers and locked at the Ukulima Police Post.

Dr Githui Kaba, a veterinary officer in Nakuru County observed the act is a criminal offence and against public health laws.

“According to the Meat Control Act and public health descriptions, it is dangerous to eat uninspected meat and meat from animals not prescribed to be food animals; a cat is not a food animal according to the Meat Control Act,” Dr Kaba said.