Nakuru residents scoop soya beans as truck’s door flies open

Wednesday December 18 2019

Christmas came early on Wednesday morning for tens of Nakuru town residents after the door of a lorry ferrying soya beans accidentally opened near the Kenya Farmers Association roundabout.

Equipped with sacks, carton boxes and buckets, the residents rushed to scoop the soya beans that had spilt onto the road.

The scramble led to a huge traffic jam. The residents blocked the Nakuru-Eldoret highway, each trying to scoop as much of the soya beans as possible.

Many threw caution to the wind as they seemed oblivious of the risk of being hit by vehicles plying the busy highway.


Some were heard celebrating as they thanked God for “remembering them by bringing Christmas early to them”.


“After God has helped us to get these bags of soya beans, He should also organise how we should get maize, beans and other goodies ahead of Christmas,” a boda boda rider shouted.

Another resident said he did not hesitate to stop by and get a share of the spilt beans even though he was late for work.

“At times you have to consider where you’ve come from and not necessarily where you are heading to. This could be a morning blessing to some of us,” she said.

The driver of the lorry and the loader watched helplessly from a distance.

They declined to speak to Press over the incident.

The lorry was destined to Eldoret town.