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Tobacco agency steps in to curb shisha smoking

Monday November 27 2017

shisha smoking

Shisha smokers. Nairobi remains the biggest consumer of the substance. FILE PHOTO 

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The Nakuru County Government has put on notice bar owners promoting smoking of shisha in undesignated places.

The warning comes after the Tobacco Control Board raised the alarm over the increased number of women using the substance.

Health chief officer Samuel Mwaura said:

“Club owners have been allowing people to smoke within their premises.

"They were promoting passive smoking but lied to customers that it is not harmful. The smokers bear the same responsibility and will face the law.”

He noted that there is a tradition among shop owners of selling single sticks of cigarettes, which is against the law, adding that all cigarettes should be sold in packs.

He spoke at the weekend during the launch of an awareness campaign on the harmful use of tobacco.

The board, which has been running a week-long campaign in Nakuru on the effects of substance abuse, raised concern over the increasing consumption of shisha by young women.


It said shisha smoking poses great danger to the next generation.

Nairobi remains the biggest consumer of the substance.

Board member Isabella Karanja said many young people in urban areas are addicts of shisha.

“In the pot, there is a mixture of many drugs — among them heroin, cocaine and bhang. One, therefore, becomes an addict of numerous drugs,” she said.