Nakuru Bishop to administer Sh60m estate left behind by priest

Friday October 25 2019

The Father wrote his will before his death in 2017. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH


The High Court has granted a Nakuru Catholic bishop the authority to administer the estate of a dead priest worth Sh60 million.

Justice Janet Mulwa on Thursday confirmed a grant of probate issued on September 10, 2018 allowing Bishop Maurice Muhatia Makumba to execute the will of Father Peter Kabugi Mungai, who died in 2017.


The grant was issued after the court was satisfied that no opposition had been raised.

“Court summons for confirmation of grant of probate is hereby granted there being no opposition,” ruled justice Mulwa.

Bishop Muhatia, who filed the succession cause in March 3 seeking for the confirmation of the grant, said Father Kabugi, who served in Nakuru left behind no child.


He presented to court the will by Father Kabugi which he was appointed the executor and trustee of his estate.

In the will dated October 10, 2017, the late priest had listed his parents Daniel Mungai and Lucia Wanjiku and 29 seminarians of the Nakuru Catholic Diocese as beneficiaries of his property.

The priest owned parcels of land in Nakuru, Njoro and Ngata, a motor vehicle, cash in various banks as well shares in different companies.

He gave his mother all his land parcels, shares and half of his money while the remaining half to the 29 seminarians to cater for their education.


“I give half of my money whatsoever, all my immovable properties to my beloved parents Daniel Mungai and Lucia Wanjiku. All my land and half of all my monies I give to Ms Wanjiku. Catholic Diocese of Nakuru Seminarians to get half of the money at NIC Bank accounts,” read the will.

The priest also bequeathed all his books, church vestments and sacred vessels to the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru.

While urging the court to confirm the orders Rev Muhatia vowed to faithfully administer the estate in accordance with the law as a personal representative of Father Kabugi.

“I will render a just and true account of such estate whenever required by law so to do,” Bishop Muhatia said in his affidavit,” said the Bishop.