Kosgey unveils seven-point plan to unseat Nandi Governor

Saturday April 15 2017


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Former Cabinet Minister Henry Kosgey on Saturday unveiled his manifesto pegged on a seven-point plan as he seeks to unseat Nandi County Governor Cleophas Lagat.

Mr Kosgey said he will enhance equity, rejuvenate agricultural development, revitalize the county economy, ensure quality and accessible healthcare, empower women, youth and vulnerable groups and guarantee infrastructural development.

“The importance of good governance cannot be gainsaid. We will put in place a strong government devoid of corruption, nepotism and favoritism and endeavor to enhance service delivery to all the citizens of Nandi County. Today, I launch a seven point agenda for our people,” said Mr Kosgey on Saturday.


The former ODM chairman said his administration will work hard to improve the agricultural production and improve the marketing systems for the benefit of the farmers.

“The strategic intent of our economic development strategy is to create a supporting environment for our farmers to increase their wealth while stimulating the creation of complementary value-added agricultural products and services,” Mr Kosgey said whe he launched the manifesto at Eden Springs Hotel in Kapsabet.

Mr Kosgey, a long-serving Tindiret MP, said that his government will empower women, youth and vulnerable groups through programmes tailored to develop their full potential.

He indicated that he will establish a Nandi County Enterprise Fund and allocate it 2.5 per cent of the county budget.


Mr Kosgey, also the Tourism Fund Board Chairman, pledged to ensure that roads within Nandi County meet global standards of excellence with respect to construction materials and design.

“Infrastructure is the mainstay of economic development. A responsible County government must provide basic public utilities for human sustenance, and for proper functioning of both the public and private sectors,” added Mr Kosgey.

According to Mr Kosgey, his county government will allocate Sh10 million per ward for bursary.

“Education is the backbone of development. Moreover, it is the greatest gift any responsible government can give to the society because it is the key that unlocks the potential that is inherent with all of us.


Indeed, a child’s right to education cannot be denied irrespective of its background,” explained Mr Kosgey.

He said his manifesto will take Nandi to greater development heights.

“This manifesto is a development framework through which I promise you a transformational model of governance that will help propel our beloved county to great prosperity and stability in the years ahead,” Mr Kosgey said.

Other contestants for the coveted seat are Senator Stephen Sang and former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Felix Koskei.

Mr Kosgey said that he will be a governor for everyone irrespective of their background.

"All I can assure the people of Nandi is that with my vast experience in issues to do with governance, I am the best-placed candidate to transform the devolved unit," said Mr Kosgey.

He also stressed on the need to elect reliable leaders with a proven track record.