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Flash floods cause scare, destroy property in Narok Town

Sunday November 26 2017

Narok Town floods.

Vehicles marooned as heavy rains cause flooding in Narok Town on November 26, 2017. The flash floods caused a traffic snarl-up at the Enkare Narok River as motorists waited for the water to subside. PHOTO | GEORGE SAYAGIE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Property valued at millions of shillings was destroyed on Saturday evening as floods swept through Narok Town.

Several traders lost property after the flash floods swept through a market near the main bus stage and heavy rains pounded the region.


The rains, which started around 6pm, forced traders out of the Central Business District. It is prone to flooding as the town sits on a bowl-like surface.

The town was set between two streams that pour their water into the Enkare Narok River and, when it rained, the streams would flood, carrying water from the upper catchments of Olopito.

Narok town has suffered deadly flash floods each time it has rained heavily since 1992. And the cost has been expensive.

Three years ago, floods hit the town causing the death of at least 15 people and injuring eight, sweeping away 22 vehicles and destroying property worth more than Sh100 million.

Narok Town floods.

Narok Town on November 26, 2017 following flash floods that caused a traffic snarl-up at the Enkare Narok River as motorists waited for the water to subside. PHOTO | GEORGE SAYAGIE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


On Saturday, the residents quickly moved to safe ground when they realised that rains were about to hit the town.

No lives were lost in the incident.

“I was forced to leave my second-hand clothes stand at the matatu stage in a haste as I fled for safety. I saw what happened last time and I would not want to experience such,” said Ms Nancy Njigo, who lost her whole stock worth Sh20,000.


The weatherman says the county is likely to experience heavy rains in this period.

Narok Deputy County Commissioner Ronald Mwiwawi has urged residents to be cautious.

Mr Mwiwawi said Narok floods even with normal rains because of the excess surface water runoff due to deforestation and land degradation upstream.

The administrator said that they are working with the Kenya Red Cross Society and the county government to ensure no lives are lost.

Narok Town floods.

Residents seek alternative routes to various parts of Narok Town on November 26, 2017 after heavy rains caused flooding. PHOTO | GEORGE SAYAGIE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Mr Ali Juma, a volunteer at the Kenya Red Cross, said flash floods could cause deaths in areas such as Susuwa, Olopito and Nairege Enkare.

Mr Ali urged motorists using roads in Susuwa, Duka Moja and Narok to be careful as the heavy rains move huge stones and can also sweep away vehicles. He further urged the public to plant trees as a measure to curb the floods menace.

Narok Town was flooded even after the county government had completed five flood check dams and 20 water pans in the outskirts of the town to control water from flowing into the town.

Governor Samuel Tunai said the main flood paths through the town have been widened and deepened to ease water flow, but warned residents to be careful due to the onset of the rains.