It’s unfair to limit governors to two terms, Narok MCA says

Wednesday March 18 2020

Kimintet MCA Kuya ole Kijabe (left) who wants the law changed to allow governors to vie for as many times as possible. PHOTO | GEORGE SYAGIE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


A ward representative from Narok County is rooting for the removal of the current two terms limit for governors.

Kimintet MCA Kuya ole Kijabe wants the law changed to allow governors to vie for as many times as possible and wants the debate included in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) national debate.

Mr Kijabe argues that it is unfair to limit the governors to two five-year terms when other elected leaders like MPS and MCAs are allowed to run for office as many times as they wish.

Article 180 (7) of the Constitution prohibits a governor or a deputy governor from holding office for more than two terms.


Speaking during a Baraza on Monday, Mr Kijabe, who was first elected to the defunct Narok County Council in 1992 and is among the longest serving civic leaders, challenged the governors to a retreat and hold a summit so that they can adopt a common position and seek constitutional changes through BBI.

Mr Kijabe backed calls for a referendum to change the Constitution on condition that the changes will remove the terms limit for governors and leave the electorate to determine for how long the county bosses remain in office.


“I call on the governors to use their positions to seek constitutional changes to remove term limits. Many of them are good people and work for the electorate but their work is curtailed by the law,” said Mr Kijabe.

He also said that the changes in law must include a 45 percent increase in funding to counties.

He challenged Narok Governor Samuel ole Tunai, who was the chief guest at the function held at Oloongolin Primary School, to meet with other governors to and push for a change to the law to allow them to continue serving.