Children taken to chief's office in Kinangop as mother elopes

Wednesday March 18 2020

Women protest at Kitiri chief's office in Kinangop Constituency, Nyandarua County on September 3, 2019 where they dumped two children who were abandoned by their mother who eloped with her lover. PHOTO | WAIKWA MAINA | NATION MEDIA GROUP


There was drama at Kitiri assistant chief’s office in Kinangop Constituency, Nyandarua County when members of the public dumped two minors who were abandoned by their mother.

The minors, both girls aged seven years and two years, were abandoned by their mother who is said to have eloped with her lover to Kiambu County.

The residents accused the assistant chief of protecting the mother, aged 25, after several complaints that she was mistreating and neglecting her children.

The residents claimed to have escorted the amorous mother to the assistant chief’s office several times but he released her in unclear circumstances.

“She once fractured the hand of one of the minors. We reported the incident to the assistant chief who arrested her but released her a few hours later. The minors live in deplorable conditions; she does not feed them, we are tired of feeding, clothing and cleaning her children,” said Ms Esther Wambui.


She said that the children have been scavenging for a living at Kinja market while their mother engages in drinking sprees in local bars.

Mr Jacob Kinyanjui, a resident, said the woman has a way of attracting male customers and bar owners like it when she patronises their pubs.

“Early in the year, we had a meeting where we resolved that she should never be employed in a bar as a way of forcing her to take care of her children. But the bar owners still entertained and welcomed her in the joints. We resolved to make her get alternative means of livelihood to support the children,” said Mr Kinyanjui.

On Tuesday evening, the residents got angry on learning that the mother had packed her clothes, left and abandoned the children.


Kitiri Location Chief Rahab Kiiru termed the mother as a habitual and notorious drunkard, who has been arrested several times for child neglect.

“We even arrested her on Monday for getting her daughter out of school. She pleaded for mercy and promised to reform. We were not aware that she was planning to escape,” said the chief.

Ms Kiiru said that the errant mother eloped to Kiambu with her lover, a man wanted by the police in connection to various crimes including livestock thefts.

The chief said that her office has placed the minors in safe custody as police trace the errant mother.