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Man arrested after bhang found growing on his Nyandarua farm

Wednesday February 5 2020

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Police in Nyandarua on Monday afternoon arrested a man said to be a notorious bhang grower in Kichaka kwa Mwago Village, Ol Joro Orok Constituency.

The officers uprooted bhang which was growing on a half-acre farm.

Deputy County Commissioner Hezron Nyamberi said the bhang was discovered by neighbours who informed the Nyumba Kumi members who visited the farm.

“The bhang was growing on a half-acre piece of and at the centre of a potato farm. The suspect, Peter Kagunda, 38, is in police custody and will be arraigned once investigations are complete,” said Mr Nyamberi.


He said officers from Charagita Police Station led by the area assistant chief raided the farm to uproot the bhang which will be used as an exhibit in court.


A resident, Jacob Njiraini, said they were attracted by the bhang crop which appeared taller than the potatoes growing on the farm.

“We have always known the suspect is a drug peddler but we never knew that the bhang grows on his farm. The plants appeared greener, taller and healthier than the potatoes. He never allows causal workers working for him to get close to that section of the farm,” said Mr Njiraini.

Mr Nyamberi said the suspect alleged he was not aware that bhang was growing on his farm.

“He has denied that the crop belonged to him but he is unable to explain how it found its way into his farm and why he has been tending the crop. The area was free of weeds unlike the section planted with potatoes,” said Mr Nyamberi.