Nyandarua clerics on a mission to cleanse Sende Moto estate of 'sin'

Friday November 22 2019

During the Thursday prayers, the estate was renamed Kirathimo Estate. PHOTO | WAIKWA MAINA | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Some clerics in Nyandarua are on a mission to cleanse and redeem an estate in the county that is likened to the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.

In Sende Moto estate, Kinangop all manner of evils and crimes thrive unabated.

On Thursday, dozens of clerics from different churches spent the entire day in prayer and a cleansing mission after days of fasting.


It was the second time this month that interdenominational prayers were being held to redeem Sende Moto.

During the first prayer session, clerics installed posters and signage around the estate baptising it Kirathimo estate, which means blessed.


In the recent past, the neighbourhood had made headlines because of crimes ranging from prostitution and murders to sexual assaults and drug abuse. The area is also known as a notorious hideout for criminals.

Cheap, filthy brothels dot the estate and scenes of drunkards engaging in sex orgies in the open are common.

The estate has remained a sore spot and there are claims that some law enforcers are beneficiaries of illicit trade in the area.

Pastor Francis Kamau of Christian Outreach Ministries Worldwide, who led a host of other clerics under the Power of Prayers Pastors International Fellowship, said the church has noticed some changes in the estate since the first redemption mission about a month ago.


"We believe the changes are due to the power of prayers and confessions by the residents. Many are determined to give the estate a new face by abandoning immorality and living a decent Christian life," Pastor Kamau said.

He added that many families in the estate have been destroyed.

"Through the power of prayers, we are never going to hear of murders, defilement and rape incidents in this estate. Our young men and women are going to change," said Bishop Mbuthia Njoroge, who chairs the pastors' forum.


Men of the cloth from different denominations held joint prayers on November 21, 2019. PHOTO | WAIKWA MAINA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Ms Regina Wanjeri, a resident, said there is power in a name and the change of name from Sende Moto to Kirathimo estate is already having an impact.

"We appeal to the county and national governments to ensure that no bar is licensed to operate in the area," Ms Wanjeri said.