Police find woman's head hidden on a tree in Nyandarua

Wednesday March 18 2020

Police termed the crime as domestic violence. AFP PHOTO


Nyandarua police have found the head of a woman, who was allegedly killed by her husband in Kipipiri two months ago.

Gideon Ngumi, the county police commander, said the head belonging to Teresia Wanjiru was found on a tree branch inside a paper bag.

Wanjiru's body was found two months ago in a pit latrine in an abandoned nursery school compound, but the head was missing.

Villagers, who accused her husband of hacking her to death, tracked him down to a house in Gilgil and lynched him.

“Wanjiru was in an abusive marriage. Her husband was a drug addict and was also a suspected thief," Samson Karanja, a village elder said.

The police boss said village elders requested to burry the head.

"We had no reason to detain or take it to the mortuary since we have no one to prosecute with the murder,” Mr Ngumi said.