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Chopper carrying Mohamed Kuti makes emergency landing in Nyeri

Friday July 13 2018

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A chopper carrying Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti, Isiolo North MP Hassan Oda and Isiolo South MP Abdi Koropu has made an emergency landing at Kiangoma village in Mukurwe-ini, Nyeri County.

According to Mukurwe-ini police boss Issa Muhammud, the pilot of the copter decided to make an emergency landing due to bad weather.


The three leaders, who emerged unhurt, are expected to join Deputy President William Ruto in Modogashe and Merti for a fund-drive.

They left the scene of the landing using vehicles for Nanyuki town.

The chopper took off two hours later after the weather cleared.

Lawrence Kabuthi, a resident of Kiangoma, said the chopper landed at around 10:30am Friday with six passengers.

“We did not know who they were. They landed on a farm and explained that visibility was poor,” he said. 

In a phone interview with Nation Mr Kuti said the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing because of bad weather

"We could not see ahead and the pilot felt that it was better to land. We made few laps and realised that it was just safe to land and wait for the fog to clear,” he said.

He said that all the passengers and pilot are safe.