NTSA suspends licence of 2NK driver pictured texting while driving

Friday September 06 2019

The 2NK driver was pictured texting while driving on the Karatina-Nairobi highway by a passenger. PHOTO | COURTESY.


National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has taken action against a driver pictured texting while driving in Nyeri County.

Photos of the driver started circulating on social media platforms on Monday after he was captured texting and speeding on the Karatina-Nairobi highway.

He was captured on several occasions responding to text messages when a passenger took photos of him and uploaded the images on Facebook condemning his action.

The photo elicited reactions from residents demanding for the matatu Sacco to take action against the driver who was evidently risking his passengers’ lives.

Residents observed that petty mistakes such as using a phone while driving had cost lives across the country.



A total of 1, 975 people have died on the road since the year began according to NTSA which is 254 more than 2018 representing a 15 per cent increase in road carnage in the country.

Following the public outcry, NTSA has decided to suspend the 2NK Sacco matatu driver's license and revoke his Public Service Vehicle license.

A numerous complaints were also levelled against the matatu Sacco by customers angered that the Sacco had failed to maintain their standard while handling its client.

"Some of your drivers are reckless, they are rude and most of them love their phones while driving, they will veer off the road for their personal business, it's a fact deal with it," said Waruguru wa Kiai.

They went on to offer the company some free public relation tips to protect its brand urging them to increase the staffing of their communication team.


"You may have a big name and a number of roadworthy vehicles and many years of built up credibility and trust but that doesn't mean that you're invisible. You will destroy your own brand if you don't address the rising cases of incompetence," added Ms Kiai.

NTSA has since summoned the Sacco officials and the driver to appear before a multi-agency team comprising of officers from NTSA and the National Police Service to address the complaint received.

"Following the meeting we have suspended his driving license, his Public Service Vehicle license has been revoked and his PSV badge withdrawn," the state agency noted on its Facebook page.

Further, the rogue driver will be retested to assess his competencies.


The matatu Sacco whose operations are dominantly within counties in Central region was asked to remove the driver from its portal.

In addition, it was requested to take responsibility and organize a road safety sensitization for the Sacco management, all it's drivers and conductors within seven days.

"We urge members of the public to continue supporting the Authority in weeding out rogue drivers in order to keep our roads safe. The action of the driver put the lives of many innocent passengers at risk," the NTSA statement read.

It added that it was committed to taking action against any driver violating traffic rules and we encourage members of the public to continue reporting.