Man who killed father to live in State hostel

Tuesday October 16 2018

A 21-year-old woman has been arrested after she reportedly stabbed her boyfriend to death in Nairobi's Buruburu estate. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP


A 20-year-old who killed his father will be sent to a State probation hostel after his uncles rejected him.

Patrick Mwangi Munyiri was found guilty of manslaughter on his own plea by Nyeri High Court Judge Teresia Matheka.

State counsel Kennedy Magoma asked the court to give Munyiri a five-year prison term.

The court settled on a non-custodial sentence, citing Munyiri's background and circumstances of the killing.


Munyiri stabbed 42-year-old Samuel Mwangi Munyiri in Gatwe village, Mathira constituency, on October 13, 2017.


"The probation department says the young man's uncles are opposed to his return," the judge said.

The court was told that his mother and seven-year-old sister want him back home.


“Munyiri's mother Ann Wakonyu has forgiven him. His sibling cannot really tell what happened. The uncles say his mother did not bring him up properly," the judge said.

However, the court was quick to add that disciplining a child is not the responsibility of the mother alone.

“The woman also suffered the loss of her husband," Justice Matheka said, adding that the young man had attempted suicide five times before killing his father.

Munyiri was 19 when he committed the offence. He often got into rows with his father as he did not like school.


"He had just been suspended from boarding school and told to sit the national examinations while commuting from home,” the prosecution said.

Ms Wakonyu said her husband arrived home drunk around 10pm. She served him supper and retired to bed.

She said her son arrived minutes later and went to a room next to the main house when his father confronted him demanding to know where he was and if he was ready for the exams.


She told the court that she heard the son say he was looking for money to repair his phone. The young man then locked himself in his room.

She said her husband broke the door and got into the room.

"A moment later, I heard him scream, 'Patrick, you've stabbed me'. I rushed to the room as my son was running away with a bloody knife," she said.