Muheria says politicians using BBI meetings to fan violence

Sunday March 08 2020

Nyeri Catholic Archbishop Anthony Muheria blesses a baby after a mass at Our Lady of Consolata Catholic Cathedral in Nyeri town on March 8, 2020. He said said the BBI is no longer about unity as it is being used to propagate violence, fights, hatred and political agendas. PHOTO | JOSEPH KANYI | NATION MEDIA GROUP


A Catholic Church bishop has called out politicians for hijacking the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) forums to advance their own agenda.

Speaking after Sunday mass at the Our Lady of Consolata Catholic Church, Nyeri Archbishop Anthony Muheria said the BBI is no longer about unity as it is being used to propagate violence, fights, hatred and political agendas.

“Instead of uniting Kenyans, the project is now being used to polarise us. It is now about those in favour and against it, which is not the foundation on which it was deemed fit,” he said.


He further stated that those favouring the BBI are not concerned about what the common mwananchi will gain rather what they will gain from it.

Archbishop Muheria said the leaders are not telling Kenyans what in the BBI is meant to unite them and bring the country together but they are rather imposing it on them to either support or oppose.


“That, I am afraid, will not help unite this nation,” he said, calling on politicians to peacefully explain the contents of BBI to Kenyans and leave them to decide which way to follow.

Archbishop Muheria said that the church and the citizens are appalled by the insults and lack of decorum that politicians have exhibited in all the BBI meetings.


He urged political leaders to stop fanning violence and dividing people by using insults against each other.

“And we are asking our leaders, if there is any Christianity in them, love and patriotism, they should not abuse a good thing for their own ends,” he said.

He also cautioned them against misusing opportunities given to them in churches to spew utterance that are against the will of God.

“Don’t sing a song of war or death if we want life, unity and communion in the country,” he said.

He asked leaders to give religious leaders a chance to bridge the divide, saying the Catholic Church has offered to educate the masses about the BBI report through civic education.

At the same time, Archbishop Muheria asked everyone to respect women as the world marked the International Women’s Day.