Posturing by MPs and MCAs hurting Jubilee, supporters say

Tuesday March 29 2016

A CDF project in Nyeri. Leaders from Nairobi

A CDF project in Nyeri. Leaders from Nairobi and central Kenya have come under fire from professionals and the clergy for taking credit for projects started by President Uhuru Kenyatta. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Leaders from Nairobi and central Kenya have come under fire from professionals and the clergy for taking credit for projects started by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

This comes days after the Head of State warned lawmakers against the habit.

While on a tour of Nakuru last week, President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto accused leaders of taking credit for projects initiated and funded by the national government.

And during a fundraiser that brought together more than 30 leaders from Nyeri and Nairobi in Karatina at the weekend, traders and clerics asked the MPs to keep off national projects, saying their interference is working against President Kenyatta.

The debate was sparked when Nyeri Woman Rep Priscilla Nyokabi rose to speak at the fundraiser at AIPCA Church and celebration of its Bishop Wambugu Macharia.


Ms Nyokabi outlined the projects she has either initiated or lobbied for when she was a member of Parliament’s Budget Committee.

“We brought water to Mathira in conjunction with Mathira MP Peter Weru,” said Ms Nyokabi.

“We have also lobbied for the construction of roads.”

Speakers led by Mr Rigathi Gachagua, the brother of Nyeri Governor Nderitu Gachagua, however faulted MPs, saying they were undermining the President.

“Uhuru ordered the installation of electricity in Kiamariga Town during his visit and budgeted for the water projects,” said Mr Rigathe, who was the chief guest.

He then asked: “How then does an MP come and claim the project and even put up signposts to show he started it?”

“Our politicians claim every project the President starts,” he said.

“What will Uhuru show to voters when he comes to Central during campaign time?”

The former personal assistant to President Kenyatta attributed the growing voter apathy in Central Kenya to lack of knowledge about projects the government is implementing.


He said the Jubilee government has also led the way in connecting schools to electricity and initiating water projects in Mathira and Kieni constituencies but the people do not know about it.

“We will form a lobby group for Central to outline what the President has done if leaders do not give credit where it is due,” he added.

Mr Rigathi is believed to be eyeing the Mathira seat, claims that he has neither admitted nor denied.

An aspirant for the Nyeri gubernatorial seat in 2017, Mr Githinji Kariuki, also asked leaders to respect President Kenyatta and what he has done for his strongholds.

Nairobi and Central MPs, including the chairman of their caucus, Mr Dennis Waweru, refused to comment, saying the issue was “too sensitive”.

The President had said in Nakuru that some governors and MCAs were going round claiming they had pushed for or even funded projects when they knew that it was the work of the national government.

“They should be bold enough to tell citizens the truth,” President Kenyatta said.

Earlier in Murang’a, President Kenyatta had criticised MPs for demanding projects from the national government yet they were controlling millions of shillings through the National Government Constituencies Development Fund (CDF).

He said the national government was devolving millions of shillings to MPs through CDF and so it can only augment what they were implementing.

“We will continue with our development but it will be parallel to what we are giving out as CDF,” he said.

The President spoke after MPs led by Kigumo legislator Jamleck Kamau asked him to fund water projects.