Samburu churches urge State to let them re-open

Wednesday May 13 2020

A Catholic church in Baragoi, Samburu County. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Clergymen in Samburu County want the government to allow churches in the region to re-open while promising to observe Ministry of Health measures to curb spread of Covid-19.

The church leaders, led by William Aiyanai of Vineyard Churches of Kenya, said they will ensure services are conducted systematically and will only allow a specific number of people in a single service to observe social distancing measures.

Mr Aiyanai argued that most people are aware of the rules issued by government and thus should re-open churches as is the case with restaurants.

"We are aware of the Ministry of Health measures and we promise to observe them for the safety of our people. If granted greenlight to re-open them, we will conduct mass with protocols," said Mr Aiyanai.

The cleric said that the government's move to re-open restaurants while leaving out churches is ill-advised. He argued that churches are equally important and should be put into consideration.

“I am saddened that the government sidelined churches during the announcement of re-opening restaurants. The world needs prayers more at this time. Many people will backslide and that is dangerous for the society," he added.

Pastor Peter Lokisai of Pentecostal Churches in Maralal, said that churches play a vital role in helping vulnerable residents across Samburu County.

He added that churches can also serve as a sensitisation platform to educate residents who lack knowledge on coronavirus.

"Churches could help the government reach out to vulnerable families because we know them," said Mr Lokisai.

A number of churches have been using online platforms to deliver services to faithfuls.

However, Samburu has poor network connectivity so delivery of sermons on online platforms is next to impossible, he said.