Why Alego Usonga's Atandi should be a worried man

Thursday January 24 2019

Alego Usonga

A police officer prevents Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi from accessing the JKIA on November 16, 2017. It is reported that Alego Usonga electorate do not re-elect leaders who do not have their interests at heart. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Some people believe the seat is jinxed. Others think it is just tough to handle. But for the electorate in Alego Usonga Constituency, no MP has so far been fit to serve for two consecutive terms.

The constituency in Siaya County with six wards has not re-elected an MP since the advent of multiparty politics.

Since 1992, the country has had six elections with Alego Usonga replacing their legislators in the consecutive polls.

Former political detainee Otieno Mak’Onyango became the first area MP under multipartism on a Ford Kenya party ticket.

Mr Peter Oloo-Aringo made a return in 1997 on a National Development Party (NDP) ticket before he was defeated in 2002 by National Rainbow Coalition party member Sammy Arthur Weya.


Businessman and ODM member Edwin Yinda trounced Mr Weya in the 2007 elections before he was equally kicked out in 2013 by Wiper Democratic Party's Omondi Muluan.

Mr Muluan was later ousted by incumbent Samuel Atandi in 2017 polls.

Political analyst Tom Mboya argues that Alego Usonga constituents “are informed and politically active that they easily throw out a leader they don’t believe in”.

Political observer Junior Oluoch, argues that the electorate have been harsh on their MPs “because they alienate themselves from Wananchi”.

“For instance, Mr Atandi’s goose is already cooked. He has overlooked professionals and the middle class in the society. For him to be re-elected in 2022 will be a tall order,” Mr Oluoch told Nation.


He went on: “In the previous elections before multiparty politics, Mr Aringo won because he was humble and very close to the people. But in 1997, after election, he disappeared and never resurfaced.”

Mr Martin Otieno Mijesh confirms the perception. “The people of Alego are not demanding. What they want is service. The problem with some leaders is that they have been promising heaven on earth. With these empty talk no voter can dare re-elect you.”

Former Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo - who vied for Siaya Governor seat in 2017 - once told Nation that voters in the constituency “cannot be pushed”, and warned the incumbent against unnecessary wars with leaders and his constituents.


Mr Atandi has been at logger heads with the police over cases of assault.

He has pending cases after allegedly sending youths to attack nominated MCA Winnie Otieno by damaging her car.

The MP is also on the spot for assaulting Modester Anyuor, as senior Ministry of Education official in Siaya.

Mr Muluan accused Mr Atandi of not owing allegiance to his constituents.