Boda boda operators lynch police officer in Bondo Town

Tuesday November 14 2017

Sarah Duncan.

Siaya Police Commandant Sarah Duncan. She denies that a police officer killed by a mob in Bondo Town on November 13, 2017 was part of a motorcycle theft racket. She says police officer Rodgers Nalianya was pursuing a burglary suspect in the town. PHOTO | NELCON ODHIAMBO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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A police officer was lynched on Monday night by a group of rowdy boda boda operators in Bondo Town.

Siaya Police Commandant Sarah Duncan said officer Rodgers Nalianya was seriously injured and was rushed to Bondo Sub-County Hospital.


“The police officer died on arrival to Bondo Town from serious wounds he sustained from the angry mob,” Ms Duncan said.

The operators had suspected him of being involved in a motorcycle theft racket.

But Ms Duncan dismissed reports that Mr Nalianya was involved in a motorcycle theft racket.


According to the police boss, the Mr Nalianya was in pursuit of a burglary suspect who was believed to be in Bondo.

The burglary case had been reported at the Kogelo Police Station in July by Caleb Omolo.

Ms Duncan said that the officer, who was dressed in civilian clothes, received information from his informer that the suspect was spotted in Bondo.

The burglary case was slated to be heard on Tuesday at the Siaya Law Courts.

Ms Duncan said that the officer then called the complainant, Omolo, to accompany him to Bondo Town and identify the suspect.


The officer then reported the matter to Bondo Police Station and requested police reinforcement. An officer, Kauai Ng’eno, was appointed to help him in making the arrest.

Ms Duncan said that the three received a hostile reception from the boda boda operators, forcing them to seek refuge at the Bondo Police Station for several hours.

Mr Nalianya later decided to board a vehicle to Siaya Town, but boda boda operators waylaid and attacked him.

“The officer saw that it was getting late and he needed to go back to his work station but the boda boda operators were tipped of his exit only to lynch him in the outskirts of Bondo Town,” said Ms Duncan.


She added that they have launched investigations into the matter and have urged members of the public to give the police information on the people behind the killing.

Ms Duncan has also asked Siaya residents to stop taking the law into their own hands.

The body of the police officer is at the Bondo Sub-County Hospital awaiting post-mortem.

Mr Omolo, the complainant in the burglary case, is being held at the Bondo Police Station for questioning.