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Elusive justice and suffering for defiled children in Tana River

Thursday August 30 2018

Tana River defilement

Girls return home after school at Bandi area in Garsen, Tana River County. Cases of defilement are on the rise in the region. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Trauma, memory loss and frustrations have become a part of the lives of the children defiled in Tana River County.

In two of these families, the journey to recovery has never presented any hope, as they have to watch them undergo a painful recovery.

On January 3, 2014, a couple left early in the morning for their farm in Hola irrigation scheme and left behind their ten-year old daughter playing with her friends.

An uninvited guest joined the children as they played. After a brief rapport with the children, the innocent children welcomed him to their game.

Little did they know that this 'father figure' had evil plans. The man only identified by the children as uncle Beka asked the minor where her where her parents were.


"He told me to take him to the farm where my parents were promising to buy me chips," narrates the girl.

Her assailant led her to a thicket and defiled her for many hours. The matter was reported to Hola police station. girl went missing for a whole night and was rescued the following morning after a long search. and a report at. She was writhing in pain and her clothes soaked in blood.

Her parents rushed her to Hola Level Four Hospital but were later referred to Nairobi Women’s Hospital because her condition was bad.

"We were happy she was alive, but very sad she was not her piece,” says the father, struggling to hold back tears.


The minor underwent three major operations which cost Sh750, 000 by the time she was discharged. She battled fistula for six months. Four years down the line, though healed, the girl still suffers trauma and memory loss. "Her grades have dropped seriously,” narrates her father.

Sadly, her assailant is a free man.

Elsewhere in the county, there is a mother, whose spirit is broken as the same police she hoped to dispense justice have turned against her, making her a suspect on watch.

Her 13 year-old daughter was defiled and impregnated in August last year. The family reported the case at Hola police station.


The man was arrested and taken to court, but was later released. The family claims their quest for justice was thwarted, and blames a senior officer for colluding with the family of the assailant to defeat justice.

The widow says the officer has been harassing in a plot to distract her from seeking justice. The assailant on the other hand is a free man.

Their daughter now 14, is a mother of an eight-month old baby.

Tana River Deputy County Commissioner, Michael Kioni is conversant with their stories. He said he will follow up the cases to ensure justice is served.