No State food, mattresses for Tana River locals in forced quarantine

Tuesday April 28 2020

Tana River County Governor Dhadho Godhana who has said that residents going into forced quarantine will have to carry their bedding and fend for their food. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA ROUP


Tana River residents going into forced quarantine will have to carry their bedding and fend for their food, Governor Dhadho Godhana has said.

Speaking to journalists in Hola, Mr Godhana said every person reporting for quarantine will be required to buy a mattress and also organise with family members on food delivery.

The governor said his administration will only provide rooms with beds, security and essential materials required to sanitise.

"We do not have mattresses in the quarantine areas we have picked. Most of the students travelled home with their materials. Therefore, each individual has to meet some costs," he said.


The governor said that his administration has mapped out various boarding schools and is in the process of cleaning them for use.


He noted that only those put on quarantine from the diaspora will be provided with bedding which are available at the Kenya Medical Training College.

Further, the governor warned that people subjected to quarantine for disregarding curfew rules and other precautionary measures will incur extra charges.

Governor Godhana noted that some of the locals have been sneaking in and out of the county hidden in trucks behind carton boxes ferrying mangoes, while others are hiding in between livestock ferried for slaughter to Malindi.


He said that such people once found will be quarantined in a different facility as they are likely to disobey quarantine measures and may also negatively influence others.
"These are the kind [who can] cause chaos or even protests in a quarantine facility. Their case is a criminal one, hence they shall be quarantined separately from other cases.

Also, Mr Godhana said such people will be for quarantined for 21 days and not 14 and will be tested for the virus before discharge.

Among the schools chosen for quarantine zones include Mau Mau Girls Memorial School, Hola Boys Secondary School, Hirimani Secondary School, Ngao Girls and Tarasaa School among 12 others.

The governor urged locals to adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines.