Man flees after wife finds him in bed with mistress 

Wednesday March 18 2020

Neighbours wait for elders to restore peace in the home of a Tana River couple. A woman is said to have found her husband in bed with another woman on Wednesday night. PHOTO | STEPHEN ODUOR | NATION MEDIA GROUP


A man has found himself in trouble with his in-laws after he beat up his wife who had caught him in bed with another woman.

Mr Caleb Kase had invited his mistress to his house in Mwangaza area of Tana River County on Wednesday night.

His neighbours say he was fond of inviting the woman to his house whenever his wife was away.

On Wednesday evening his wife, who works in Kilifi, decided to lay trap following a tipoff from his sister.

She decided to stay at her parents' home until late in the night, hoping to catch the man in the act.  


At about 11pm, she went to their house and knocked at their door as she called her husband to open.   

The woman said she heard a commotion in the house before her husband opened. Mr Kase, who demanded to know where his wife had come from, started calling her manes.   

"You cannot tell me you came from Kilifi, to see your parents without informing me, you must have come to meet your boyfriend,” Mr Kase told his wife.

 The man demanded that his wife goes back to her parents’ home.   

Instead, Mr Kase’s wife pleaded with him to remove his mistress from under the bed.

"Muavye e bie mvungu tafadhali asenafwa," she said in Pokomo. (remove her from under the bed she might die there.”


Mr Kase then descended on his wife, who later managed to escape, with blows before his mistress also fled. The man was later accosted by his brothers-in-law who wrestled him to the ground and flogged him before the woman stopped her brothers.  

"It is enough, you were not supposed to kill him, please spare him, he has learnt his lesson," she told her brothers. The woman’s brothers locked their sister in the house and left the keys with the neighbours as they went after Mr Kase.  

The man and his mistress are said to have left town. 

 "Caleb borrowed my motorbike and left, he might have gone to Kilifi to wait for his wife so that they can talk things out," said Mr Jeffa Odha.

On Thursday morning, elders from the couple’s families had gathered to settle the dispute.